Personal Emergency Response System in St. Louis MO: Medical Alarms

Personal Emergency Response System: Five Important Facts about a PERS Device

Considering a PERS, or personal emergency response system, device for your senior?

It helps to have a better understanding of how the Personal Emergency Response System device works and how complicated it might be to use.



Personal Emergency Response System in St. Louis MO: Medical Alarms

Personal Emergency Response System in St. Louis MO: Medical Alarms


PERS Devices Are Easy to Set Up

PERS devices are designed to be really easy to set up. If there are barriers to ease of use, your senior probably isn’t likely to use the device, which defeats the purpose of having it. For instance, if your elderly family member needed to have a professional come and install the device, that might feel like just too much. But being able to use the system almost immediately out of the box is a huge relief.


They’re Also Easy to Use

As mentioned, PERS devices are deliberately kept simple to use. The device itself has a speaker, a microphone, and a button. The button is used to summon help, and the speaker and microphone allow her to speak with someone who can get help to her once she’s connected to the dispatcher. Other features, like geofencing, which functions automatically, making the device even easier to use.

  Your Senior Has Options for Wearing a PERS

The ideal Personal Emergency Response System device allows your senior some flexibility with wearing and carrying the device, too. Typically, there are various options, like a lanyard so she can wear it around her neck and a wristband so she can wear it like a watch. Options for slipping it in a pocket or clipping it on her waistband also help with convenience.

  They Charge Quickly

A device that isn’t ready to go when your senior is doesn’t do her as much good as you might hope. A PERS device should charge very quickly so that your elderly family member is able to rest or do something relatively sedentary while she waits. She shouldn’t have to wait all afternoon or day to be able to get back to being active if she wants to be.

  Geofencing Helps with a Variety of Concerns

Something else you might want to look for, especially if your elderly family member has some specific health issues, is a geofencing feature. Geofencing sends caregivers an alert if the device leaves a pre-defined area. This can be helpful if your senior has dementia and wanders, for instance.

When your senior doesn’t even have to think about how to use her Personal Emergency Response System device, she’s far more likely to feel comfortable having it with her on a consistent basis.


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Medical Alert: What Are the Best Features to Have in a Medical Alert System?

Medical Alert: As you look for medical alert devices for your senior, you have to consider some of the most important features.

The best Medical Alert device for your elderly family member will have as many of these features as possible.


The System Is Easy to Use

Any type of device that has a steep learning curve is going to be one that your senior abandons pretty quickly. It’s crucial that the medical alarm you choose is as “plug and play” as possible. This helps to eliminate any issues that could come from user error.

A Waterproof Wearable

More in-home falls and injuries happen in the bathroom than in any other room in the house. That means that your senior’s medical alert device needs to be waterproof, so that she can wear it anywhere in the house, including into the shower or tub. It’s also important that she is able to wear the device outside if she gets caught in the rain.

A Discreet, Comfortable Wearable

If the medical alert device you choose for your senior is uncomfortable, screams “medical device,” and is basically something she would never wear at all, she might decide that she isn’t going to wear it. Then it doesn’t matter what features the device has, because it’s not going to be on your senior. It’s also a good idea that the alarm has options, such as being able to wear it as a pendant or a wrist device.

Strong Signal Range

The last thing that you want for your senior is to feel as if she’s now in some sort of “invisible fence.” The signal strength on her medical alert device needs to allow her freedom of movement in her home and in her yard. If the range isn’t large enough for that, it might not be the right one for her.

Medical Alert: A Fast, Experienced Response Center

It’s also crucial that the people on the other end of that medical alert device have the experience and the wherewithal to get your senior the exact help that she needs immediately. Your senior could have issues at any time of day and night, and you both need to know that help you can trust is helping her while EMTs or police are on the way.

Medical alert devices can offer both you and your elderly family member the peace of mind that you need. Whether your senior is planning to age in place, move in with you, or consider other living situations, she can be so much safer with the right medical alarm.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau, MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
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Senior Safety: How Do You Choose a Medical Alarm for Your Senior?

Senior Safety: When you and your senior start looking at personal emergency response systems, you might feel overwhelmed by the choices. Addressing each of these categories can help quite a bit.


Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau MO: Senior Safety

Cellular Unit — NO Landline Required!


Look at Your Senior’s Immediate Needs

What does your senior need a personal emergency response system to do for her? She might need help avoiding a fall or she might feel more comfortable if she has a way to quickly and easily call for help. Some aging adults need medication monitoring or a daily check-in with someone who can offer reminders. Or do you need to make sure you can find her easily if she wanders off?


Consider Her Lifestyle, Too

Your senior’s lifestyle factors into all of this, too. Does your senior need to remember to put it on or is this a device that she can just wear all the time? In the latter case, she’ll want something that is waterproof. If she’s forgetful, a device with a long battery life might be a must. It might also be a good idea to find out if the alarm needs software updates or not.


Make Sure You Understand How it Functions

Personal Emergency Response System in Perryville MO: PERS and 911 Differences

Fall Detection Technology

You and you’re senior both need to understand how her PERS operates. Ideally, it should have very little setup involved. For example, being able to take it out of the package and turn it on would be optimal in terms of setting it up. Complicated menus and options are more difficult to keep up with on a regular basis. You want the learning curve to be low.


Ask about Ongoing Fees

Some PERS devices have ongoing fees, usually because of monitoring services, reminders, and the like. It’s important that you and your senior know what’s included and what isn’t from the outset. That enables you both to make the right decisions for senior safety and her needs.


Senior Safety: Make Sure it Works Where Your Senior Goes


If your elderly family member travels or is in a variety of different locations, it doesn’t hurt to make sure that her personal emergency response system will work everywhere that she goes, like the GPS unit pictured. 


The right PERS device can do amazing things for your elderly family member, from helping her to comply with her medication schedule to ensuring she feels safer when walking around her home.  It can also give you peace of mind as you realize senior safety is your top priority.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
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Looking for a Great Gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day?

Are you a caregiver who is looking for “The Perfect Gift” for your aging mom and/or dad?  Are they independent, but you worry about their home safety?  Do you know that a medic alert system can bring you (and them) peace of mind?  

Around the Clock Medical Alarms is a nationwide provider of the Personal Emergency Response (PERS) device.  They are able to help you to help them to never be alone and to be able to get help any day, time, or reason — 24/7, 365, even if they cannot speak!  

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not have a contract and your loved one can use our service for as little or much as they need.  “None of us have a time ticker or a crystal ball to know how long we might need this kind of service,” states owner, Linda Bass.  “To ask a senior to commit to a long-term contractual obligation is just wrong on so many levels!”  

Following are some of the FAQ’s that we have encountered over the last 9 years in business:


How long do I have to sign up for?

There is NO long term commitment with our system. You’re only required to keep the system for 1 month. After that you can send it back any time for any reason and there is NO cancellation penalty.

Is there a Contract?

There are no long-term contracts. Your Around the Clock Medical Alarms service is able to be cancelled at any time. You will be asked to sign our monitoring agreement after ordering, but this agreement states that your service is simply on an month-to-month basis.

Will the monthly rate ever go up?

Absolutely NOT! With us, the price you pay when joining our service will be locked in. You could have it 20 years and it will never increase!

Which price plan is right for me?

Our most popular plan is Quarterly. However, we have the variety of plans to best meet your financial needs. It is recommended that you set up automatic payments on your account through credit card or bank automatic withdrawals.

Are there any funding sources available?

Yes, some long-term care policies can cover the cost of our service.  Additionally, the VA Aid and Attendance pension plan (for wartime veterans and/or their surviving spouse) can provide the service as well.  

Around the Clock Medical Alarms is honored to serve wartime veterans and/or their surviving spouses to stay safe in their homes by providing a PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) that can be paid for through the little-known VA Aid and Attendance Pension.  This system can provide an extension to home care, by bringing peace of mind that our aging heroes are never alone — and that they can get help any day, any time, any reason — even if they cannot speak!  

This Department of Veterans Affairs pension (VA Non-Service Connected Pension with Aid and Attendance Benefit) provides personal care services through home care to veterans and/or surviving spouses, so they can remain in their own home, which is where they want to be.  Subsequently, it can also be used to pay for a medic alert device, as well as assisted living, if, and/or when, they are no longer able to maintain their independence in their own homes.  

Is the button waterproof?

YES, the button is 100% waterproof. It can be worn in the shower or tub. This is very important because a majority of falls occur in the bathroom on wet, slippery surfaces.

What is the range/distance the button will work from the base unit?

Up to 600 feet away, that’s the length of 2 football fields. It’s designed for our clients who have VERY large backyards.

Does it automatically detect a fall?

Yes, there is a fall detection pendant available.  Please note:  ActivePERS technology does not detect falls with perfect accuracy or precision.  IF YOU NEED HELP, YOU MUST ALWAYS PUSH THE HELP BUTTON on your wearable device or base unit.

Is the equipment hard to install or set up?

No, it’s very easy. In fact, most of our clients do it themselves. It’s like plugging in an answering machine. It simply plugs into the phone jack in the wall and the power outlet. If you have any trouble at all, you’ll call our customer service number (which comes with the system) and we’ll walk you through it.

Can I take the system with me if I move, or go to my winter home (or any 2nd residence)?

YES, many of our clients move or have duel residences so it’s quite common. You just bring the system with you. When you get to the new residence, you’ll let us know the new address and phone number and we’ll get everything switched over immediately.

How will emergency personnel gain access to my home?

There are a few options to gain access to the home. 1st option is to hide a key outside the house. You will give us the location of the key to keep on file and our monitoring station would dispatch the location of the key to emergency personnel. 2nd option would be a lockbox, like the home realtors use. It hangs around the front door and secures a key inside of it protected by a 4 digit combination. We would keep that code on file and dispatch the code to emergency personnel as well. A 3rd option would be to give a key to a neighbor or someone close by who we could call in an emergency. A final option would be having the paramedics bypass the lock to gain access into your home.

Will the operator be able to hear me anywhere in my home?

The system is designed to cover a person’s voice throughout 2500-3000 square feet. It’s made to cover a large 2 story home with a basement. The speaker amplifies up to 20 times a normal speaker telephone.

What if I am outside, can the operator hear me there?

No, most likely not. But remember, if in any scenario the operator cannot hear you, they don’t take any chances. The care specialist will send the paramedics to your home and begin calling your emergency list of family and friends to let them know an emergency has taken place. If you would like a different protocol set, we can do that for you.

What kind of personal information do you keep on file?

You will fill out a form that comes with the system. We keep medications, medical history, doctor information, hospital preference, and additional information that might be good to know in an emergency.

Does your system work with VoIP or cable phones?

YES, our advanced system is actually the FIRST in the country to work with VoIP or cable phones. It’s actually one of the questions we ask while taking your order. We will program the system to work with VoIP or cable phone before we send it out to you.

Do I have to have a “land line” phone for the service?

No, not at all. The cellular unit has all the features of the advanced unit, without requiring a “land line.” It does, however, require reliable cell phone signal.

What about protection away from my home?

A Mobile GPS unit is available. This device is designed for individuals who are always “on the go!”

How are services cancelled?

After the first month, you are free to cancel services at any time! The equipment must be returned to Around the Clock Medical Alarms to formally close out your account. If you need to cancel, please give us a call so that we can give you complete instructions on returning our equipment.

Additional questions?  Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, so that we might be able to answer those as well.  If you are looking for a great gift idea, or find that this system can be a solution to your problems of helping your aging grandparents, parents, neighbors, or others to maintain their safety and independence, we would be honored to protect them with an Around the Clock Medical Alarms system!

If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing a Medical Alarms in St. Louis, MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
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“Would You Be My Valentine?”

On Thursday, February 4, 2021, our client, R. “Lou” K., was called to be reminded that it was time for her monthly test of her medical alert button.  She is a “95 year-young” lady who has been our subscriber for the past eight years.  Since we have talked to her every month, we consider her FAMILY!

When she picked up the phone, I asked her, “Would you be my Valentine?”  She hesitated and replied, “Well, I may have to think about that….”   THEN, she had the AUDACITY to laugh!!!  Oh Yes, She Did!!!!! 

When I told her that I felt like she threw me under the bus, she chuckled and responded, “Oh, Linda!  You know I LOVE YOU!”

Today, Les and I took a detour on the way home and took Lou a small bouquet of flowers to thank her for the ability to assist her with her medical alarm system needs. We asked her again to “Be our Valentine,” and snapped this picture to remember her reaction! Trust us, she was all smiles!  (Being a private person, she asked us not to post her picture on the internet, but we could crop photo of the flowers and her hands….)

Lou signed up for our service in January 2013.  Shortly after she began, she had to use her medical alarm.  As you will read, she locked herself out of her home and did not have her cordless phone with her to call for help.  Yet, she was able to get the help she needed.  

Following is her account of the event, as per her testimonial: 

They Came Even Though I Was Not Able to Respond…

I would like to tell you some things about having a medical alarm system. I had heard about them for years but never thought about getting one. My son and nephew changed my mind, they said, “You are getting one!” My nephew contacted Around the Clock Medical Alarms.

When I called them, they explained all that it could do for me, so I decided to take it. Just to let you know, I consider them wonderful friends now.

A few weeks ago, I went out the back door onto the patio, started back in, and the door was locked. Here I was out without a coat and it was a cool morning. I know all other doors and windows were locked. I pushed the button on my Medical Alert, but couldn’t hear them answer. I thought it doesn’t work…. I ran to my neighbor across the street, she came to the door and wanted to know what I was doing out there. I said, “I’m locked out of the house”. I went in to call my nephew, who has keys, and had just sat down when I saw a truck with 2 men pull up in front of my house. Out I ran home. The men wanted to know if I lived there. I said “yes, and I’m locked out!” They were from the Rescue Squad and had gotten a call from my Medical Alarm that something was wrong at my home, since I didn’t answer them back. In just a minute here came the ambulance, but it wasn’t needed. Thank goodness. They got my storm door unlocked and I was able to get back in my house. I wouldn’t do without my Around the Clock Medical Alarm. ~ Lou K., Missouri

Our mission is to assist our subscribers to remain independent in their homes — as safely as possible.  A medical alarm gives them the ability to get help at the push of a button.  If they are alone, have health issues, or are prone to falling, a medical alert system could be the solution to the problems you face.  We are humbled to assist seniors and their families.  Our purpose is to help them to have “peace of mind” and the confidence to experience a better quality of life — as long as possible! 

  • Lou has experienced a lot of life, since she has been our client.  She was diagnosed with cancer and completed chemotherapy.  Thankfully, she recently told me that she is still cancer free.
  • Sadly, last year, she lost a lifelong friend who used to watch all the Cardinal /sporting games on TV with her, they would go out to get groceries together, and to eat out every day.  This man was the widower of her best friend and they used to do “couple vacations” together throughout their married lives.  Both became widows and they decided to “stay friends” and were able to help each other to not be alone.
  • Covid-19 has affected her social life because she has not been able to attend church “in person.”  She has had to forego her weekly card games with her lady, neighbor  friends.  Additionally, the holidays were quite different, since her family was concerned about visiting her due to the pandemic.  Unfortunately, this seems to be the consensus for many of our subscribers.  If you, or your loved one, find these “new norms” in your pandemic life, remember that you are never alone with an Around the Clock Medical Alarms system.  
  • Lou still lives in the home that she shared with her husband.  She has had a couple rehab stints over the past few years, but she continues to be able to return to the home she loves.
  • Because she is such an avid Cardinal fan, she and Les talk about sports every time they can.  Her latest comment concerning Nolan Arenado was “He BETTER be worth all that money!”  As always, she is biting at the bit for baseball season to start….  But, today, she WILL BE watching the Super Bowl — cheering on the Chiefs!

If you, or an aging loved one, are looking for a #medicalert system, visit us online at or give us a call at 573-334-7233.


Time to Clean the Clutter!

It’s that time of year where many of us start thinking about end of winter “Spring Cleaning!”  

Purging our homes of things that are no longer used, needed, or wanted, will make us feel less overwhelmed. Not only will it help to organize our lives, but it can also be an opportunity to help others. Additionally, if we reduce the clutter in our homes, we can reduce the risk of falls. This is an important fact to remember for those seniors, typically living alone, who are already at risk of falling.

If there are things that you are removing from your household, think about donating it to a charity that will help those in need. Never think that what you have to offer is insignificant. There will always be someone out there that needs what you have to give.

Today, we took a car load of “stuff” to the Safe House for Women Thrift Store. They are an awesome charitable group that helps our community. They have this “wish list” of items they need — give if you can….

If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing a Personal Emergency Response System in Perryville MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
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Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: Senior Care Spotlight

Senior Care Spotlight: Loved One Need Home Care?

Merit Home Health Care

Dedicated to Providing Quality In-Home Care to the People We Serve

About Us:

In-Home Care is the extra help that someone might need to remain living at home once they are no longer able to manage the household tasks that they used to. We Believe quality care is the key to maintaining independence. We believe in your right to age at home with dignity and offer the extra support you need. From our door to yours, we are here for you.

What we do:

Merit Home Health Care offers assistance with personal care including bathing, dressing and grooming as well as meal preparation, household chores, laundry, shopping and errands and respite services.  These services are often covered by Medicaid, by a Veteran’s Aide and Attendance benefit, by Long term care insurance or through private pay.

Families rarely have a plan in place as to what to do when Mom and Dad start having difficulties managing the day to day at home, yet this is something most of us will face.  Visiting with loved-ones for the holidays can shine a spotlight on just how much assistance is needed or how much one’s abilities have changed with time. 

Navigating available services and how to access them can be overwhelming.  Our staff has a combined experience of over 40 years in the healthcare industry and we can help you find the option that works best for your family.

How We Got Started:

Lydia Killoran – owner of Merit Home Health Care:
“I am the youngest of seven children. As my siblings aged and moved away, I realized that my parents weren’t in the best of health and they needed extra care. In 1989 I began a career in the in-home health care industry. This path gave me the opportunity to care for my parents while touching many other lives. The services of Merit Home Health Care allow my clients the ability to remain in their homes, aging with dignity and as independently as possible.”

Merit Home Health Care provides services for the Greater St. Louis area, St. Louis County – North and South, St. Louis City – North and South, and St. Charles county since 2004.  We are fully staffed to meet all your in-home needs.  You can reach us at 314-522-8088 or visit our website at

Lydia Killoran, Owner – Merit Home Health Care

Lydia Killoran, Owner – Merit Home Health Care


Other services:

Some people just aren’t comfortable accepting help from a stranger and that’s okay.  Merit Home Health Care has expanded to include our new Consumer Directed services offered through Merit CDS. 

Consumer Directed services is a Medicaid based program, allowing the participant to hire a friend or family member to provide their care.  Our staff can help you enroll in the Consumer Directed services program and assist you in training the caregiver you have hired to ensure your needs are met.  Merit CDS covers a large territory of Missouri and can assist you in St. Louis County, St. Louis City, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, and Lincoln county.


Stephanie Powers – Director Merit CDS, Consumer Direct Services

Stephanie Powers – Director Merit CDS, Consumer Direct Services


Find me on FB!

Guest Article Contributed by: Stephanie Powers

We recommend that everyone re-evaluate their personal situation, if changes in health and needs are apparent.  Sometimes, when life events occur, seniors feel that their only option is to move out of their homes into an Assisted Living Facility.  When you are considering making changes to your living situation, due to physical changes or health concerns, home health care may be a viable option.  At that point, please consider the benefit of a Personal Emergency Response System from as well.  


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
Call Us: 877.449.5566

Senior Care Spotlight: Real Estate Agent for Your Car?

At iAutoAgent, “We are like Real Estate Agents for your car.” We understand how stressful it can be when a family member can no longer drive. You are faced with multiple decisions and might not be sure whom to turn to when selling the car that your family member has treasured throughout its life. We created a streamlined process for our sellers to enjoy a hassle-free, straightforward, and transparent experience selling their cars while obtaining top dollar for them.

For Sellers we provide the following:

More Money Than The Dealer
Door-to-Door Service
Guaranteed Value on your vehicle within 24 hours
We provide professional-quality photos & video
We inspect and market your vehicle for you
Safe & Convenient– We show your vehicle at a police station
We handle the complicated paperwork
Zero Fees To Seller

If you are trying to sell or buy a vehicle this holiday season, here are 3 tips to keep you safe:

Tip 1: Never Meet Anyone unless you have spoken to on phone. Also Make sure on the phone they have the cash or financing to purchase car to avoid wasting your time.

Tip 2: ONLY MEET AT POLICE STATIONS for showing your car and bring someone with you. DO NOT BRING THE TITLE WITH YOU FOR SAFETY REASONS. You can bring a picture, but not the real thing, unless you want to potentially be involved in a crime where someone takes your title as well as your car.

Tip 3: Make sure you get a driver’s license, insurance card, take a photo of them and the license plates on their vehicle they are driving prior to test driving, and send this information to a loved one to let them know where you are and who you are with.

However, if you have an unwanted car, there is a new, easy, safe way to sell it — iAutoAgent!

To sell your car with iAutoAgent, simply go to and click “Sell” or call us at 636-614-3711.

Guest Article Contributed by:
Jay Grosman
CEO/Founder iAutoAgent
314-596-2277 mobile
636-614-3711 business
636-614-3712 fax

Google Reviews:




If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
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Medication Dispenser in Cape Girardeau MO: Senior Independence Tools

Seven Tools to Help Your Senior Live Independently


One major goal for plenty of aging adults is to remain as independent as they can for as long as possible. That’s a lot easier with the right tools.



Kitchen Tools

Cooking is a lot easier when your senior has the right tools. Opening jars and cans might be more difficult now than it used to be, so using an automatic jar and can openers can be a huge help. Automatic shut-offs for the stove burners and spillover prevention lids can allow your senior to keep cooking for longer than she might have thought she could.


Medication Dispenser

Managing medications can get complicated, especially when your elderly family member takes several different medications, possibly at different times of the day. According to the American Heart Association, 75 percent of people prescribed medication in America are not taking that medication as prescribed. Medication non-compliance can contribute to complications, so having a tool like a medication dispenser reduces the likelihood of that situation happening.


                                                                                    Medication Dispenser in Cape Girardeau MO: Senior Independence Tools

Personal Care Aids

Personal care tasks involve getting dressed, grooming, and handling tasks related to bathing. This is another area where tools abound. Your elderly family member might benefit from things like sock and shoe tools, zipper pullers, and button hooks. You may also want to reconsider things like your senior’s shoes. If she has difficulty tying laces, replacing her shoes with slip-on versions or swapping out the laces for no-tie versions may be a good idea.

Shower Chair

Showers are another area where your elderly family member might be facing some challenges to her independence. Adding a shower chair or bathing bench can be a perfect way to ensure that your elderly family member has the support that she needs to bathe safely. Swapping out her shower head for one with a longer reach can also help.

Grab Bars

Shower stalls, bathrooms, and hallways are great places to install grab bars. In the bathroom, there are versions that use super-strong suction cups that you can install at any height or angle that your senior needs. For more permanent support, it’s a good idea to choose versions that anchor into the studs in the wall.

Doorbell Camera

Whether your elderly family member has trouble hearing when someone is at the door or simply is concerned about answering the door on her own, a doorbell camera can be the perfect answer. These types of systems use a wireless camera to connect your senior’s tablet or smartphone to whoever is at the front door. This is often much easier to manage than going to the door, especially if your elderly family member is safety conscious.


“Medic Alert” System

Did you know that people who have a Personal Emergency Response System (i.e. “medic alert”) actually live independently in their own homes an average of 6 years longer than someone who does not have one?  The reason being is that they are able to get help at any time, for any reason, simply by pushing a button — EVEN IF THEY CANNOT SPEAK!  This is important for those individuals who may have a medical condition such as heart disease, diabetes, or epilepsy.  If someone has a heart attack, stroke, diabetic event, or seizure, they may not be able to speak.  When they push their button, our response center will try to establish voice communication with that individual.   If they are not able to do so, they assume the worse, pray for the best, and will send help!!!!  

Your family member may need different types of tools as her circumstances and her needs change. Being aware of the types of tools available out there helps you to stay on top of what she may need.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing a Medication Dispenser in Cape Girardeau, MOplease contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.             
Call Us:  877.449.5566


Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: Senior Falls Prevention

Do You Know the Top 10 Risk Factors for a Fall?

September is National Falls Prevention Month. During this month, we will be bombarded with the scary statistics of fall risk among older Americans and an overwhelming amount of information about fall prevention. We, at Around the Clock Medical Alarms, understand wholeheartedly that a fall can change everything!


Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: Senior Falls Prevention

Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: Senior Falls Prevention


Falls have become an epidemic in America. Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury for those over the age of 65. Falls account for 40% of all nursing home admissions. Falls are also the leading cause of injury-related emergency department visits for older adults, the major cause of hip fractures, and responsible for more than half of fatal head injuries. Approximately half of all seniors, who sustain a fall, DO NOT resume independent living. Let those scary statistics sink in….

People who fall become fearful about falling again — trapping them into a “fear of falling” cycle.  Even subtle changes can lead to another fall, as bodies adjust to the new reality of a change in gait and speed. The family members of someone who has taken a fall find themselves a little more concerned. Sometimes, a family might take unnecessary actions such as making the individual move out of their own home to live in an apartment, with family, or an assisted living community. These “well-intended” solutions are not necessarily always “good” solutions.

What things can classify someone as an individual who’s a “fall risk?”

The Missouri Alliance for Home Care adapted the following list of 10 questions, which can be used as a screening tool to determine a person who is at risk. (All questions can be answered “yes” or “no.”)

1. Are you 65+?

2. Do you have three or more medical issues?

3. Are you taking four or more medications?  Side effects from medications can sometimes increase your chance of falling.  Did you know that anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, high blood pressure, blood sugar meds, sleep aides, mood altering medications, and narcotics can increase your risk of falling?  Talk to your doctor or pharmacist, if you are using any types of medicines that could potentially cause you to fall.  

4. Have you fallen in the past three months? — This includes having a “slip,” “trip,” or “near-fall,” where you were able to catch yourself prior to actually falling to the floor.  People who are worried about falling are more likely to fall again.  When you have the “fear of falling,” you are not as confident and steady on your feet. If you have had a fall, please speak to your doctor to make them aware of your concerns.  Being fitted for an assistive device (cane, walker, etc.) by a professional could make all the difference in your confidence and mobility!

5. Are you having incontinence? (i.e. “leaking urine”). Rushing to the bathroom, especially at night, increases your chance of falling.  To reduce the risk of falling, make sure to have adequate lighting, clear pathways, and allow plant of time to make the trip.

6. Are you having memory problems?

7. Is your vision causing you trouble?  Your eyes and ears are key to keeping you on your feet. Get your vision and hearing checked annually and update your eyeglasses.

8. Are there hazards in your home, such as cluttered pathways, poor lighting, or pets?  Remove tripping hazards, increase lighting, make stairs safe and install grab bars in key areas.

9. Are you experiencing a decline in your ability to move around your home? Are you less independent? Do you need assistance with bathing, dressing, and/or preparing meals? 

10. Does pain limit your ability to move around?  If you are “furniture surfing,” you probably have poor balance.  Needing to push yourself up to stand up is a sign of weak leg muscles, which is a major reason for falling.  Talk to your doctor to see if they could prescribe therapy to help you build up your strength to prevent future falls.

If you answered “yes,” to four or more of the questions, then you are at risk for having a fall.

It is important to be aware that there are different things that can put you at risk for a fall. Some risks are more obvious than others — some are modifiable, while others are not.

We’ve all heard the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  If you or someone you know is falling, or is prone to fall, there are things that can be done to help prevent future falls.

For example, physical therapy can assist with pain management, which can be a big reason a senior will fall. In addition, therapy can help to keep you ambulatory to help maintain your independence. Finally, a therapist can work with you to improve your balance, strength, and range of motion, which can decrease the number of falls you could have.

One major goal for plenty of aging adults is to remain as independent as they can for as long as possible.  Talk to your family members.  Enlist their support in taking simple steps to stay safe.  Falls are not just a seniors’ issue.  Talk to your health care provider.  Ask for an assessment of your risk of falling.  Share your history of recent falls.  They cannot help, if they are not aware of the issues you are having.

A comprehensive home safety assessment performed by a trained specialist, along with some low-cost “home modifications,” — such as grab bars, changing door handles to the lever kind, building ramps, or updating the kitchen to make things more easily accessible — can serve to effectively reduce falls and fall-related injury for older adults.

We all know that not all falls can be prevented. IF you have modified your home, completed a physical therapy regime, and you are still falling, or have the fear of falling, a medic alert system might be the next thing to consider. Although a help button will not prevent a fall, it will get help if/when a fall happens. Do not become the statistic of someone who has an accidental fall and lays there for hours or days….

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