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More Than Just a HELP BUTTON


Sterling Silver Necklace

27” Sterling Silver Necklace Featuring Magnetic Clasp Design



Keysafe Lockbox

Securely store up to two extra keys to the home in the lockbox to allow responders and emergency services access when help is needed.

Our national Response Center stores the combination to the lockbox in their secure database.The device is designed to store 2 keys. Patented pushbutton lid and StrongBox vault makes storing spare keys convenient and easy. The pushbutton lid makes it easy to use in any conditions (such as low light or no light) and the combination can be changed as often as you like.


Medication Dispenser

With the medication dispenser, it is easy to organize and manage your medication intake. The medication device is easy to operate and can be used up to 28 days before needing a refill (for a daily dose regimen). When used in conjunction with an Around the Clock Medical Alarms system, it can notify caregivers of missed doses. Therefore, patient compliance can be monitored.


Reminder Calls

“Reminder” calls are made to the customer by the Response Center attendant. These reminders can be scheduled to remind the customer to take medication and/or other common reminders.

Mobile PERS DeviceSM


Two-way voice, GPS mobile PERS monitored by 24/7 Response Center

  • AT&T 3G Cellular Network Connection
  • Utilizes GPS Technology
  • 48+ Hours of Battery
  • Monitored by EMD Certified Dispatchers
  • Superior Speaker & Microphone Quality